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Powder coating is a proven method to make any metal equipment or object look great and last long. Not only does it stand as a top finishing but it is also environmentally and government compliant. Forget spray painting - powder coating is tougher, more rugged, and more durable and won't fade, chip or decay. For a method that is clearly the best value over the product's lifetime, opt for powder coating.

Rugged durability and long-lasting preservation

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We partner with A Coating Enterprises, LLC to bring you the highest quality, most reliable powder coating services in the area. A Coating Enterprises is well-respected throughout the industry.


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Powder coating is a labor-intensive service, but its benefits certainly pay off. In terms of performance and durability, it's in a category of its own. Additionally, it's an affordable finishing method. Choose powder coating to refinish, restore and renew any metal product, tool boxes, bicycles, office furniture, lawn furniture and more. It's also particularly popular home décor and automotive part applications.

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