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Computer numerical control, or CNC, machining enables us to perform a comprehensive set of machining functions with precision and efficiency. CNC Machining is great for prototypes, functional testing, fixtures, jigs, long/short run production, one-off projects, and offloading internal machining resources. Take advantage of the cost-effectiveness, accuracy and efficiency of CNC machining.

Performance, quality and cost-effectiveness

We work closely with our clients to ensure they are comfortable and confident throughout the process. Customer care is always on our minds.

Our technicians are fully qualified and thoroughly experienced in working with steel, cast steel, iron, cast iron, bronze, aluminum, plastics, stainless steel, brass

and copper.

Vast experience with all common materials

We've invested heavily in great people and great equipment.

Our machinery and tools list consists of:

- CNC machines

- Manual machines

- Lathes with digital readouts

- Manual mills with readouts

- 3D Printer

     - Makerbot

- Drawing

     - SolidWorks

- Programming

     -  CAMWorks

- Grinders

-  Presses

     - 40 ton Hydraulic

- Saws

- CNC CAD Programs

Quality results require quality tools

Get work done the way it ought to get done.


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